About the Creators: The course was created by a core group of people with extensive experience in Japan. The members also shared perspectives on cultural learning as interactive.

The producer and content creator is Jane Bachnik, Ph.D., an anthropologist who has lived, worked, and taught in Japan for 15 years, and who began her experience there on a longterm homestay. She also taught for 16 years in U.S. universities, and published books and articles on a variety of subjects including family, self, intercultural communication, and teaching on the Internet. She is a retiree professor at the National Institute of Multimedia Education in Japan.
The content consultant, Barbara Ito, Ph.D., is an anthropologist who taught at U.S. universities for eight years. Her professional interests include the Japanese family, women entrepreneurs in Japan, and intercultural communication. She has lived, taught, and done research in Japan for 16 years in Shikoku, where she resides permanently with her Japanese husband, son, and Japanese in-laws.
The current web designer, Hanning Chen, is a multimedia designer who has been working on pedagogical material development with East Asian languages at The Ohio State University for 9 years. Her expertise with Flash has been fully utilized in this course. 
The original web designer, Thomas O'Connor, is a performer, performance teacher and long-term student of Japanese culture. O'Connor applied his skills in composition, and his experience navigating cultural minefields in Japan, to the design of this site.

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