Michie san was a good friend and neighbor of the okaasan, whom I met for the first time while picking up goods that okaasan had ordered through a home delivery company (coopu). Okaasan was eager to introduce me to her and thus invited Michie san to visit us in the afternoon. When she came she gave me a silk scarf and also lent me a book of modern tanka poems and before leaving invited us to visit her. A couple of days later, okaasan and I visited her, and according to the custom of exchanging gifts I gave a small piece of Finnish jewelry to her.

A few days later I baked some Finnish biscuits and cinnamon buns and okaasan was extremely eager to give some of them to Michie san. She wrapped them very nicely and asked me to take them over to her place. This happened twice when I was baking something during my stay. At that time I thought she asked me to take more baking to Michie san because my gift to Michie san was probably not valuable enough.