Molly and Kaarina were both worried and anxious at the beginning of their homestays. Yet they reacted quite differently to the "wrapping" they received. Molly notices that "they had really gone out of their way to make me comfortable", even having a cake for her birthday, and sees how much trouble they have gone to on her behalf. She tries to respond to their efforts, and on the first evening manages to talk with them for hours in broken Japanese (no small accomplishment).  

Kaarina remains uncomfortable throughout her first day, because she is bothered by receiving special treatment as a guest. She is worried that they are making special food for her, that the okaasan is waiting on her, and that she can't help okaasan. In bed that night she wonders how to change her position from "a total outsider to more like a family member".  Kaarina's narrative depicts a real clash of "cultural bubbles", since her expectations of being a guest are not being met.

Mark is quite happy with his situation. But this may be because he seems totally unaware that he is being "wrapped", and that what he is seeing at the beginning of his homestay is the family's tatemae. (Yes, Mark resembles someone you've already met in this tutorial.)