At Home in Japan
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Module 6.1

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Entering Uchi
You are now viewing the genkan, or vestibule. Think of it as the entry to your host family's house. As a homestay guest from abroad, you will be invited into a nice guest room (like "Parlor 4" in Module 5.4) and given deferential wrapping.

For a homestay to work, the guest has to learn how to adapt to the family. To do this, it is necessary to shift from the distant guest entry position (soto) and move closer to uchi. However, a guest from abroad naturally has little knowledge of what uchi is all about (since, after all, you haven't been "inside").

Modules 6.1 and 6.2 give you insight into those aspects of uchi that are hardest to pick up on your own. These modules are necessary for you to understand the situations depicted in the student diaries in Part 3. Don't be concerned if these modules seem more difficult to grasp than the preceding ones. (If you could readily intuit uchi concepts, you wouldn't need these modules!) These modules will require some concentration on your part, but that effort will be rewarded when you get to Part 3, where the understanding you have developed in 6.1 and 6.2 will enable you to see things that the homestay participants themselves were unable to grasp.
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