At Home in Japan
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Orientation Module 1
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The Entry Point Dilemma
Going to live abroad confronts one with the unknown.
  You suddenly find yourself inept and awkward - in speaking a new language, finding your way around, and even relating to people in ordinary situations.  
  Somehow you’ve become like a child—but this time around it’s not physical—you’ve become a cultural child.  
Most hosts will help you learn everyday things (like taking your shoes off before going inside). But no one will think to mention other—hugely important—things. Why not? These are things that of course everyone knows. They assume that you already know them too. Yet, not knowing the things that everyone is supposed to know is precisely what makes you a cultural child!

  How can you—the cultural child—manage "grow up"?  
How can you learn the things that everyone is supposed to know; and therefore no one thinks to tell you? This is the entry point dilemma for newcomers from abroad to Japan. It is also the focus of Part 1.


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