At Home in Japan
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Part 1. Becoming a Cultural Child
Introduction: How Can the Cultural Child Grow Up?

Part 1 explains how unspoken meaning works in intercultural communication by introducing you to Peter Hauser, a homestay guest, and the Sasakis, his host family. The homestay introduces the core idea of the course: How can Peter become aware of what no one thinks to tell him, but which everyone assumes he already knows, before he unknowingly violates their expectations? Part 1 then shows how a similar question may be lurking behind all the other characters in their entry point situations as well.

1.1 Orientation Module: The Cultural Child (The Entry Point Dilemma?)
2.1 Peterís Homestay: Beginning
2.2 Other Newcomers: Beginnings
2.3 Impasse
3.1 Peterís Homestay: After 3 Months
3.2 Peterís Bind
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